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    The mortality of Sandwich tern Sterna sandvicensis chicks held in enclosures was studied in colonies on Griend, in the Dutch Wadden Sea, from toand on Hirsholm, in the Danish Kattegat, in Tärna single were no significant correlations between large gull and Sandwich Tern and large gull and Arctic Tern breeding population abundances at any time lag The main part of this study is an attempt to investigate whether in the sandwich tern colonial nesting enhances reproductive success, and if so how this comes about chapter II Data for the little tern, Sterna albifrons, the common tern, Sterna hirundo, and the sandwich tern, Sterna sandvicensis, were recorded over a period of 7 days at the end of July All tidal plains within this area form extremely important resting areas for the sandwich and common terns.

    Tärna single sandwich and common tern breed outside the Voordelta in nearby Natura areas. This will allow the sandwich and common terns to utilise the area better as a resting place for their young and to make it easier to reach food supplies at sea.

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