How lack of sleep and insomnia leads to increased BMI

sleep deprivation

If it seems to you that you overeat after a lack of sleep, then so it is. Lack of sleep starts the chain of metabolic reactions necessary for the survival of the body, and we begin to feel hungry.

Lack of sleep increases hunger.

After analyzing 11 studies, scientists concluded that lack of sleep causes overeating the next day. The effects of partial sleep deprivation on energy balance: a systematic review and meta-analysis .. On average, we eat 385 extra calories. About the same amount is contained in the average portion of french fries from McDonald’s.

Of course, this is not so much, but enough for you to gain excess weight over time. After all, usually, we not only eat more when we do not get enough sleep but also spend less energy. Also, due to lack of sleep, we usually want to eat something fatty and high-calorie foods.

500 grams of fat is approximately 3,500 calories. You can dial them in just nine days of sleep deprivation.

Some researchers believe that due to lack of sleep, brain regions that react to food are activated. Short Sleep Duration causes reduced Leptin, Elevated Ghrelin, and Increased Body Mass Index.

Do not worry if you do not get enough sleep just one night. This will not affect your health. Problems will begin when a lack of sleep becomes chronic.

Bad sleep causes health problems.

Sleep deprivation or unstable sleep patterns, as well as frequent waking up at night, are associated with increased stress, an association between sleep and blood pressure in midlife, high body mass index and the risk of developing coronary artery calcification, and incident coronary artery calcification.

Poor sleep also increases the risk of diabetes.

According to research, those who slept for five hours in one week had decreased insulin sensitivity, making it harder for the body to maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Sleep restriction for 7 days reduces insulin sensitivity in healthy men.

Other scientists studied the individual fat cells of people who slept for only 4.5 hours for four days. By insulin resistance, their cells were comparable to the cells of patients with type 2 diabetes. Impaired insulin signaling in human adipocytes after experimental sleep restriction.

In another study, 24 healthy participants who moved their sleep daily for an hour (jet lag simulation) found symptoms of diabetes mellitus after three weeks, metabolic consequences combined with circadian disruption.


Of course, in laboratory conditions, participants are monitored 24 hours a day and wake up if they begin to doze off. It is possible that in ordinary life the negative impact of lack of sleep is not so pronounced.

It is also not yet known whether healthy sleep helps get rid of signs of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity caused by lack of sleep. The long-term effect of sleep is not easy to determine, because many of the reasons why people do not get enough sleep are impossible to control (working on night shifts, noisy neighbors, caring for a small child).

But if you have the opportunity to get enough sleep, why not try it? It’s still nicer than dieting.


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