Resurge Dietary Health Supplement Review

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Resurge Pills Review: Does the John Barban 2 minute ritual for curing the problem of obesity by just following the Resurge after dinner ritual, daily, really works? Watch the video below or read my honest Resurge Review below.




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  • Resurge is a 100% natural high quality dietary supplement.
  • Buying resurge supplement pills is quiet affordable.
  • It is clinically proven, tried and tested weight loss product.
  • You can start seeing results as soon as 7 days.
  • It targets your overall health and not just weight loss.
  • Resurge tablets are safe for use in your daily lifestyle.
  • Resurge capsules are FDA approved and GMO Certified.
  • No habit forming substances are added, hence they are completely safe and risk free to consume.
  • Resurge dietary supplement also improves your immunity and endurance against various diseases.


  • Resurge pills can only be bought through trusted online vendors like Clickbank.
  • Due to boost in your metabolism, you may feel hot at random times during the day.
  • In order to get maximum benefits from the resurge supplement ingredients, you have to make conscious efforts of taking your daily dose before your sleep and at the same time as before.
  • It is not a magic pill that will standalone burn your fat. It is a dietary supplement and you have to perform other activities as laid down in the program for resurge to do it's wonders.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Obesity is a problem.

obesity problemAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the prevalence of obesity and severe obesity among adults in the United States was 42.4% and 9.2% respectively for the year 2017-18. And the numbers are growing fast.

Research shows that 40% of the population doesn’t even have an idea of the harmful effects and fatal diseases caused because of obesity.

This abnormal and excess fat accumulation around the organs and the body pose serious health hazards such as coronary heart disease and end-stage renal disease.

Overweight people are more susceptible to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other risky diseases.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is a crucial step for your overall well being and fitness.

But most people do not have that will power or time to spend countless hours in the gym and to follow an impossible, costly, and exotic fad diet.

People are even afraid of the change and rather want an addition to their already settled lifestyle and eating habits.

That’s where Resurge Dietary Supplement comes in the fitness and weight loss market.

According to John Barban, the creator, the “2 minutes after-dinner ritual” with Resurge can melt several pounds of body fat like butter on a hot knife.

The Real Reason Of Weight Gain

According to John, the root cause of weight gain is one simple ritual that most people are doing wrong: Sleep!

The problem of weight gain has nothing to do with genetics, diets or how much time you spend in the gym. But everything to do with the quality of deep sleep you take.

Your body undergoes a number of changes when you’re lacking proper sleep.

In fact, research at the University of Colorado has revealed that participants gain 2 pounds in just 1 week when they sleep only 5 hours a night. The body undergoes a number of hormonal imbalances when it is deprived of proper sleep. 

Leptin And Ghrelin Imbalance

Leptin, your starvation hormone is responsible to suppress appetite and increase energy expenditure.

Less sleep produces less leptin. And another hormone ghrelin, your hunger hormone, starts triggering hunger signals.

With less sleep, you produce more ghrelin. (Source)

Less sleep and hormonal imbalance cause you to be an impulsive eater and therefore it is possible you may give in to junk food. Does this ring any bell?

Further, the lack of proper sleep causes a number of problems that include weight gain, loss of sexual desire, premature aging, anxiety, and other health issues.

What is the Resurge Dietary Supplement?

Resurge Dietary Supplement Single bottleIt is a blend of 8 potent ingredients that are extracted from the world’s most powerful plants.

The Resurge is the first-ever scientifically proven and clinically tested, 100% natural solution that helps you to enhance your deep sleep.

Resurge deep sleep and HGH support formula is a non-GMO plant-based dietary supplement to help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Each of the Resurge Dietary pills is FDA approved and completely safe to consume.

It is a novel solution that accelerates your metabolism by properly managing your hormones.

John Barban 2 Minute Ritual: SUMMARY SO Far

Through my Resurge pills review, you now know what is the root cause of your weight problem. And you also know that you were not chubby or fat once.

You are just ignoring the most important ritual in your daily routine and that is SLEEP! Genetics have negligible to no effect in making you fat.

Through my Resurge Pills Review, I have made maximum efforts to help you decide on whether to buy resurge or not. If you are convinced then hit the button below.

Who is the creator of the Resurge deep sleep and HGH support formula?

John Barban Lean Body PictureJohn Barban, the creator of the Resurge diet pills, is a well-respected fitness coach, health trainer, and author of a popular book, the Venus Factor.

With an experience of 8 plus years in dietary and sports supplement industry, he spent most part in research and development of sports and weight loss pills.

He has worked with and created many big brands like MuscleTech, NxLabs, Slimquick, ADS, BlueStar Nutraceuticals and Empowered Nutrition Products.

John Barban is a bachelor’s and master’s degree holder in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Barban is also a certified Personal Trainer and a certified Kinesiologist. Apart from developing sports and weight loss supplements and authoring books he also runs a blog by his own name header image

What is deep sleep?

Deep sleep is a physiological stage that occurs while you are asleep during which your body experiences metabolic regeneration.

In this phase, your body underwent several restorative processes where your vital tissues and muscles are repaired and restored, and regeneration of brain cells takes place.

At one of the several stages of a deep sleep, a special hormone known as the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is secreted.

This hormone is responsible for boosting your metabolism, burning fat, removing fine lines and wrinkles, thus making you look younger, improving your hair health, libido, vision, and overall re-energizing your body. 

You can only imagine what havoc you might face when you’re sleep-deprived. Lack of deep sleep prohibits HGH secretion, this causes your metabolism to slow down that in turn weakens your immunity.

Moreover, the less leptin and more ghrelin situation make you eat sugary and fried foods. Thus making you gain more and more weight.

So evidently, the lack of deep sleep is the root cause of why you’re growing a tire of fat around your waste.

How do Resurge Supplement Pill work?

In the present time sleep-deprived society, lack of proper sleep, and consequent disorders are increasingly becoming important.

There is an intricate connection between various metabolic and hormonal processes with sleep, and it is responsible for metabolic homeostasis. 

The Resurge supplement acts as the missing piece of the puzzle. It helps kick start your metabolism and regulates your hormonal balance.

The Resurge pill, on entering your system tackles the metabolic derangement that occurred due to chronic sleep dysregulation.

This, in turn, starts a multi-faceted process in the body with each step linking to the subsequent part and the overall changes that happen seem to have a domino effect.

But it all begins by boosting your metabolism.

Composition Of Human Sleep

Human sleep is composed of non rapid eye movement(NREM) and rapid eye movement(REM), where NREM is further divided into three stages.

It is the third stage of NREM that is termed as the deep sleep also called the slow-wave sleep.

The NREM and REM sleep occurs alternatively in cycles of 90 minutes throughout the night.

The first half is primarily NREM and the second half is predominantly REM.


Metabolism, on the other hand, consists of catabolism and anabolism. The amount of calories your body burns to maintain itself is termed as Metabolism.

During the deep sleep stage of non-REM sleep, the metabolic rate and the brain temperature are lowered down which gives your body an opportunity to repair the damage caused during the day when your metabolic activities are on a peak level.

The Resurge Supplement helps you reach the deep sleep stage as soon as possible. It also helps to improve the quality of your deep sleep so that maximum repair occurs to the damage caused during your awake period.

Resurge Formula Function

In short, the Resurge Deep sleep formula work.

  • To kickstart your metabolism, so that more calories are burned during your sleep.
  • To tackle the metabolic derangements caused by chronic sleep dysregulation.
  • Improve the quality of your deep sleep for the maximum repair of your muscle tissues.

Resurge Pills Review: SUMMARY So Far

Through my Resurge pills review, I have made maximum efforts to make you understand what is deep sleep and what are the benefits your body experiences when it is going through this stage.

I have researched very deeply to explain the science behind deep sleep and metabolism.

If you are convinced with my detailed Resurge pills review, kindly, go ahead and buy the Resurge diet pill for yourself.

What are Resurge Weight Loss Ingredients?

Resurge consists of all-natural ingredients that are manufactured in easy-to-swallow non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) capsules.

Each of the ingredients is mixed in a certain proportion so as to create synergistic effects for maximum results to achieve deep sleep and HGH (Human Growth hormone) secretion.

Must Read: Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone (Synthetic) Injections

One serving consists of 4 tablets of the Resurge Pills. The Resurge weight loss ingredients are as follows.

  1. Melatonin: Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in the brain and other areas like bone marrow, eyes, and gut. People who are suffering from insomnia and jet lag produce fewer amounts of Melatonin and consume melatonin supplements. It is also a powerful antioxidant and works intricately with the body’s circadian rhythm and prepares you to sleep during night time. Each serving of the Resurge Supplement has 10 mg of Melatonin to help you fall asleep faster.
  2. Ashwagandha: This is an ancient medicinal herb that helps the body manage stress. It helps to boost brain functions, lower cortisol levels and manage blood sugar. Apart from this, it helps fight symptoms of depression and anxiety. It has been shown to accelerate muscle mass, melt body fat and increase strength in men. Ashwagandha is a popular supplement in Indian Ayurvedic medicine due to various health benefits. One serving of the ResurgeSupplement contains 150mg of Ashwagandha.
  3. Hydroxytryptophan: This is an amino acid naturally produced in the human body. It produces and increases serotonin levels in your body, which improves the state of depression, anxiety, weight gain, sleep disorder, and other health issues. Specifically, 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) promotes a feeling of fullness that in turn makes you eat less food and intake fewer calories. HTP also increases melatonin production and hence, also promotes sleep. 100 mg of Hydroxytryptophan is there in every serving of Resurge health supplements.
  4. L-Theanine: This is yet another amino acid primarily found in tea leaves(both green and black) and in traces in Bolete mushrooms. It helps promote relaxation without making you feel sleepy. Other potential benefits of L-Theanine include reduced anxiety and stress, increased focus, better immunity, regulating blood pressure and improved sleep quality. One serving of the Resurge deep sleep and HGH support formula contains about 200mg of L-Theanine.
  5. Magnesium and zinc: both of these minerals are vital for the biological process our body undergoes. These two elements are fundamental to brain processes and signals. Apart from that the combo also helps to strengthen immunity and reduce chronic inflammation, control blood pressure, and improve the quality of sleep. Every serving of Resurge Health supplement pills contains 50mg of magnesium and 15mg of zinc.
  6. Arginine and Lysine: this combo helps to increase the production of the Human Growth Hormone(HGH) by 695%. They also boost your metabolism and prohibit further production of white fats. And at the same time accelerate the development of brown fats that burn more calories. The Resurge fat burner pills contain about 1200mg of Arginine and an equal amount of Lysine in every serving(4 tablets).
resurge supplement facts

Benefits of Resurge Health Supplement.

Here’s the summary of all the benefits you’re going to get when you decide to buy Resurge dietary supplement tablets.

  1. Resurge supplement fights against the root cause of the weight gain and eliminates the main issue of weight gain i.e. lack of deep sleep.
  2. Further, it improves the quality of your deep sleep that further accelerates the repairing of various tissues. This makes sure you get awake with renewed energy. 
  3. It increases metabolism during your sleep so you burn more fats.
  4. It also boosts your immune system.
  5. It increases the HGH secretion, that further helps to rejuvenate your skin, making it clearer, restoring skin elasticity and thus making you look and feel younger.
  6. You can experience improvement in your vision and libido.
  7. It reduces stress levels, anxiety, regulates blood pressure, improves quality sleep and controls your appetite.

resurge deep sleep reviews: SUMMARY so far

It is quite evident that each of the ingredients listed in my Resurge pills review is quite beneficial for your body's ecosystem if taken independently.

The Resurge deep sleep and HGH support formula is formed by mixing all of them in proportions that will provide maximum benefits to your body.

If you are convinced with my Resurge pills review, then you should go ahead and click that "Buy" button below.

For whom Resurge Supplement is Good?

Though Resurge dietary supplements are beneficial for everyone who wants to improve their quality of sleep. But John Baraban designed the Resurge health supplement especially for people who:

  • Want to lose weight without going to the gym and performing heavy workouts.
  • Want to improve the quality of their skin and is looking to improve their looks.
  • Who are struggling with insomnia, jet lags, and other sleep disorders.
  • Want to reduce their stress level and anxiety.
  • Are tired of following fad diets like Atkins diet, keto diet, etc.
  • Are too busy in their work life.

Who should not consume the Resurge Dietary Supplement?

The Resurge deep sleep supplement is not recommended for teenagers below the age of 18 years. People suffering from heart disease or have any pre-existing medical condition may consult with their doctors before starting a Resurge course.

Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to have a baby the same year may also not use Resurge health supplements.

People taking regular medicines for any chronic illness may also get a prescription from their doctor before starting the Resurge supplement course.


yellow precautions signNo doubt there are lots of benefits associated with the Resurge dietary supplement. But there are certain precautions too that you have to follow so that you’re safe from getting any undesirable results.

  • You should always follow the instruction manual and the standard dosage guidelines that come with the Resurge Health Supplement. A higher dosage is not recommended and can lead to undesirable results.
  • Though Resurge Supplement is made from high-quality plant extracts and there are generally no side effects or risks associated with it, few people might be allergic to one or few of the ingredients if that’s the case you should refrain yourself from using it.
  • Always check that your Resurge Package is properly sealed.
  • Do not drink alcohol. As alcohol may change the composition of the Resurge Dietary pill on consumption. Higher amounts of alcohol may increase the sedative effects of dangerous and life-risking levels.

Resurge diet supplement review: SUMMARY so far

So, did you made up your mind yet? This Resurge pills review is written for people who are looking for more information on how they can lose weight with Resurge diet pill without going through the hassle of working out and eating fad diets.

With my Resurge pills review, I have dig deep down and found out that people are sleep deprived and that is the major problem in their lives.

Buy Resurge Health Supplement so that you can start improving your health and fitness.

The Resurge deep sleep and HGH support formula is formed by mixing all of them in proportions that will provide maximum benefits to your body.

If you are convinced with my Resurge pills reviews, then you should go ahead and click that "Buy" button below.

How to buy Resurge Supplement?

To buy Resurge Supplement, you can click the “Buy Resurge Now” button below. You will be taken to the video sales page of the product. From there you must scroll down where you will see the pricing table as shown below. Choose your preferred plan and hit the “Add To Cart” button. 

You will then be redirected to Clickbank secure checkout page that will look like the image below.

All you have to do is fill in your correct information as asked in the form and hit the “Pay Now” button.

It is advised to use PayPal for making the transaction as it helps to make the process faster. People without a PayPal account can still use their master or visa card

Our Resurge Ratings

We have provided the Resurge ratings of 4.8 out of 5. These ratings are based on the fact that people all around the world are benefiting from the positive results of The Resurge Deep Sleep and HGH Formula. The Resurge after-dinner ritual has brought many sales and the retention rate of happy customers is phenomenal. This actually reflects the fact that users who buy Resurge supplements are actually getting the results they were promised at the start.

resurge money back guarantee

What sets the Resurge pills apart from other dietary supplement pills are, these are 100% natural and has no side effects whatsoever. The daily dose of the Resurge takes only 2 minutes after dinner and you can forget about all the weight watching and calorie counting for the rest of the day.

The Resurge is providing a limited time deal where you can buy it at as much as an 80% discount. It comes with a money-back guarantee and excellent customer support, so your queries will be entertained properly.

Resurge Tablet Reviews: SUMMARY So Far

So far in My Resurge pills review, you have come to know about the real reason of weight gain, the benefits of deep sleep in your health and fitness, the ingredients each Resurge capsule is made of and how Resurge dietary supplement is helping you lose weight and improving your overall health through various means.

With my Resurge pills review, I have dig deep down and found out that people are sleep deprived and that is the major problem in their lives.

Buy Resurge Health Supplement so that you can start improving your health and fitness.

The Resurge deep sleep and HGH support formula is formed by mixing all of them in proportions that will provide maximum benefits to your body.

If you are convinced with my Resurge pills review, then you should go ahead and click that "Buy" button below.

Resurge Customer Reviews

Being a fairly new product in the market, the Resurge supplement has grown it’s trust base fairly quickly.

Not only people are blogging about “Resurge pills reviews” on their respective websites, apart from that many Resurge reviews from customers can be seen on various major social media platforms like Facebook, Quora, Medium, Youtube etc.

People who have actually gone through the Resurge pills course have found positive changes in them while some of the early quitters seem to hate the product. But this is always the case for every product out in the market.

There are lovers and haters for every good thing that happens. The best part is the positive resurge pills reviews have outweighed the negative resurge pills reviews with quite a wide gap.

In the end, I would like to know whether my Resurge Pills Review was helpful for you to make an informed decision? 

Further, if you have found any information missing in my Resurge pills review, then kindly contact me personally. If you want to read about me kindly visit the about page.

resurge dietary supplement pills

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