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The Heatshot heated wash system is the effective and affordable solution for quickly clearing and cleaning snow, ice, bugs, bird droppings, road oil and more from windscreens.

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Safety dating site ronneby Security Thousands of accidents occur each year due to people driving with impaired vision through ice and snow as they have failed to clear the windscreen effectively.

Winter weather increases risk of stolen vehicles.

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If you leave your vehicle running, vacant, and vulnerable while you are warm inside, you are risking a stolen vehicle. Showcase Check out the assortment of vehicles that we've installed the Heatshot unit in. Efficiency Not only does the Heatshot unit save you time by reducing the need to leave the engine idling in order to defrost the windscreen, but there are also significant environmental and fuel-saving benefits.

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Heatshot — ett unikt system för het spolarvätska som ger dig säker och bekväm bil- buss- eller lastbils körning med god ekonomi och positiva miljöeffekter: - Även vid kall motor och 18 minusgrader har du het spolarvätska inom cirka 30 sekunder! Och kommer mycket snabbare iväg. Om du har frågor, eller vill beställa, så är du alltid välkommen att kontakta oss här.

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