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It displays an unusual southern portal, decorated with sculptures.

Ala Church

Inside, the nave is divided in two parts by two central columns and has a vaulted ceiling. The tower is somewhat later but also from the early 13th century.

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Its portal show similarities with the tower portal of Visby Cathedral. The much larger choir and vestry were added circa The ambition was probably to rebuild the whole church into a larger, Gothic church, but for some reason only the eastern part of the church was rebuilt.

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During the 19th century, some windows were added and new pews installed. The church underwent a renovation in — following a proposal by architect Karl Erik Hjalmarson.

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A few separate medieval sculptures also survive, originally part of a 14th-century retable. The church windows have several preserved stained glass panes from aroundprobably when the choir was built.

Heading to Gotland: Sweden´s largest island: Ferry, Visby \u0026 cliff side picnic

They depict scenes from the life of Jesus. From the time after the Reformationthe pulpit deserves mention.

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It was made in and dating app i gotland the oldest pulpit on Gotland. The church also has a pair of embroidered bags for collection of alms made in Istanbul in They were brought to the church by the priest at the Swedish legation in the city, who was the son of a pastor in Alskog Church.

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